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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  March 25, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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radioactive contamination is much more serious than originally thought. and now the evacuation zone is expanding. in the meantime, the number of confirmed dead from the earthquake and tsunami is more than 10,000. lee cowen has our report from tokyo. >> reporter: the fears of a breach in the reactor all stem from what happened to those workers yesterday here contaminated working in the basement of unit number three. they came in contact with water that was contaminated. now it's feared the water was contaminated with so much radiation, 10,000 times the level it should be, that experts now fear there is some kind of leak going on. they just don't know where it's coming from. is it coming from a breach in the core itself, or is it coming from leaking pipes that lead in and out of the reactor? they're just not sure. and they're not sure at this point exactly what to do about it. they can't send workers back in at this point with radiation levels that high, it's just too dangerous, so they have to figure out a way to get that radioactive water out before the workers can go back in. the other question is where is
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that all of that radioactive water going? there were already indications there were heightened levels along the coastline and ocean which would seem to indicate the water seeped into the ground and back out to the ocean. they're not sure. the one thing they do know, this is going to slow down an effort that had been making somewhat steady progress over the last several days. this is going to slow things down quite a bit. that's the latest from tokyo at this moment. back to you guys. the crisis in japan has some people wondering about the safety of our nuclear plant. there are 104 facilities in this country, and one of them is in maryland at the coward cliffs plant, 50 miles from washington, d.c. and as derrick ward reports, officials there say a situation like the one in japan not likely here, but they say that they are ready just in case. >> reporter: a world away in japan, there is fear and uncertainty as damaged nuclear reactors lead to what's being called radiation anxiety among those potentially exposed and something more serious among
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those definitely exposed. in maryland, they're not anxious but not ignoring the events of japan either. >> we'll have industry experts deep deeply engaged with the aftermath to understand what went well, what didn't go well, and apply those lessons learned to our industry. >> reporter: the emergency operations facility near the plant is hub of the preparedness in the event of an incident where they would monitor everything from radiation output to media coverage of the event. so far, they have had to deal with what they called an unusual incident, some phone lines went down. that's the lowest level of alert. there does come a point where things would get serious enough that operations would have to move from the emergency centers onsite to here, on main street. that's at the other end of the flet spectrum, a general emergency with the possibility of released rayation. >> at this point is when you would get the siren sounding and the decisions to make protective action. >> reporter: protective actions could mean taking iodine tablets or evacuating nearby jurisdictions. >> we can get information from
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the facility to our emergency operations center to make decisions for our population, and the populations of st. mary'sry's anddor chester count >> reporter: the main things officials want to convey to the public is while something on the scale of what's happening in japan is unlikely, contentions are in place nonetheless, close and beyond. >> we have what we call a 50-mile planning zone and there we do have plans and procedures and processes in place to deal with the same types of events that you're seeing happen in japan now. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. >> officials with the nuclear group that operates calvert cliffs say they hold drills twice a year on their emergency procedures. it appears that we'll have some snow, just in time for the cherry blossom festival this weekend. it's going to be a busy weekend outdoors in d.c. there is the national marathon running, and the kickoff for the cherry blossom festival tomorrow. veronica is up in the weather office now with all -- just what we can expect. veronica? >> well, i expect, jim, that
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cold weather may make a few folks run faster. but it's not going to be much fun saturday at all, because we want spring, right? let's look outside and see what's going on. we have high clouds out there, 49 degrees, the electricitemper gray sky. sunset at 7:25, and to the south of us, clouds coming from the system there. you see, it could give us a sprinkle, it could give us a flurry between about 8:00 and about 11:00 pittsburgh pengui.m. the other storm system waiting in the west and coming out of the rockies into the plains. so for us, we drop to 38 degrees, another cold night. now, as far as advisories go with this upcoming system that comes into the area saturday night through sunday, there's a winter storm watch down across southwestern virginia around stanton and charlottesville. i'm not expecting this to be a big system at all or a big deal. so our snow chance cops between 4:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. sunday. we'll get a trace to 2 inches on the ground and grass. but how will our spring flowers fare, and of course those cherry
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blossoms? the festival starts today. let's head to julie carey by the tidal basin. hey, julie. >> hi there. the cherry blossom festival folks are having a hard time remembering the last time it snowed on these tiny pink petals, but visitors around the country and world weren't going to let the threat of snow and cold weather keep them from their stroll around the tidal basin. it's the classic snapshot. visitors framed by the cherry blossom branches, only this year, the pictures show visitors dressed like it's december, rather than late march. and some find it a little tougher to hold that smile. >> my teeth were getting cold. it is cold. >> it was sunny and 84 degrees in austin. so this is quite a shock. >> reporter: with a chance of snow adding a white fringe to this ring of pale pink, some tourists decided today was their best shot for a stroll around the tidal basin. >> we live so far away, and it's the chance of a lifetime, and we
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want to see it while it's all beautiful. >> ready to run? >> reporter: there is one place in town the cool forecast is welcomed by some. those getting ready to take part in the national marathon, reason, better cold than hot. >> about 60 degrees, tend to run slower. weather like this, 40 degree weather, ideal for a runner. >> reporter: the cold is good philosophy is not shared by local gardeners, eager to get colorful plants in the ground. this shopper tried to put a positive spin on the forecast ahead. >> we had nice, warm weather. so we all got out, and we got really sore muscles. and so now we have a cool spell and we're resting. >> reporter: the experts at marefield garden center do have some advice. any tender flowers should be covered with a frost cloth or sheets this weekend. and hanging baskets or pots should come inside. for flowering trees and bushes, it's a mixed picture. >> it's the spring magnolias tend to suffer the most, it seals, with these cold snaps.
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a lot of plums and cherries will probably be more resilient. >> but again, depends on if we get down to 30 degrees or 24 degrees. >> reporter: even last night's cold took its toll on this lilac bush, wilting the newest growth. and the magnolias in full bloom are likely to end up brown by the week's end. but the cherry blossoms will probably weather the weekend pretty well. in fact, the snow not exactly good, but it won't hurt them. it might even slow their progress, so that could be good for people who don't want to take the blossoms in until later in the week. and being here by the tidal basin tends to moderate the temperature a little bit. but i can tell you, doesn't feel too warm right now. reporting live from the tidal basin, julie carey, back to you. >> thank you, julie. and there are several street closures because of the national marathon. here's a look at the race course. some streets will be closing as early at 6:00 in the morning. everything will be back open, expected to be back open by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. metro's ready for -- it's going to be a busy couple weeks.
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metro will open an hour early tomorrow at 6:00 to help get people to and from that marathon. and it's also suspending all traffic work for the week, because the big crowds expected for the cherry blossom festival. next with him, extra trains added during the peek hours to also help with all of the visitors who are coming to town for that festival. an infant was killed in an awful accident in a driveway in lower maryland today. it happened in the 8300 block of mt. peelier drive. a mother and two young children were accidentally run over. john schriffen has more on a simple mistake that led to a family tragedy. >> it's sad. i can't imagine, you know, what do you -- what do you do? what do you say? you lost your baby. you know, and in a freak accident. >> reporter: neighbors we talked to diplomdn't see the incident, immediately after heard the screams from the mother. >> she was just god, please help my baby, please help this child. the child is not ready to go yet. >> reporter: prince george's
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county police say the fatal accident happened just after 9:00 this morning on the 8300 block of mt. pellier drive in laurel. authorities say the mother was pulling into this driveway when one of her young children jumped out of the car. with her infant in her arms, police say the mother chased after the child, but forgot to put the car in park. police say the vehicle then rolled back, striking the mother and her two children. >> i'm shocked. you know, i -- you know, when you hear somebody yelling and screaming at the top of your lungs, you know, your instincts is to help, go help. and is that's what i did. >> reporter: pam harrison says she immediately called 911 and rushed over to the mother to help. another neighbor, melvin smith, certified in cpr, says he also came outside to see what he could do. >> the mother was sitting on the ground, holding the baby like this. and the mother would give the breaths, as i was holding the nose. and i would start doing compressions on the chest with two fingers on the chest like i've been trained to do. >> >> reporter: was there any
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response from the baby? >> no response at all. >> reporter: for approximately seven minutes, neighbors said they continued cpr to revive the infant until paramedics arrived. but by then, it was too late. >> devastating, because i did everything i could to help revive the baby, you know. and i'm sorry to hear that. for that family. and the mother in particular. i tried my best. >> reporter: police have removed the car as part of the investigation to determine just exactly what happened here. as far as any possible negligence charges against the mother, prince george's county state's attorneys office says that's all pending the accident reconstruction report, which could take up to six months to come back. in laurel, john schriffen, news4. >> both the national transportation safety board and the federal aviation administration have issued new guidelines today, two days after an air traffic control supervisor fell asleep while two planes were trying to land at reagan national airport. the ntsb recommends today that air traffic controllers be prohibited from serving as a supervisor while also performing the operational air traffic
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duties. then late this afternoon, the faa said it has directed radar controllers to call ahead, confirming there is someone in the tower ready to handle the incoming flights. coming up tonight, the street that turned into a raging river and had nothing to do with the weather. another deadly earthquake has hit asia. and in an exclusive, the heroes of a bank hostage standoff shared their emotions about a day they will never forget. >> reporter: what do you think when you see that video? >> i didn't know what to think. i didn't know what was going through his head, knowing that, you know, there was nowhere for him to go. why didn't he just drop the gun and, you know, give up? >> and coming up in sports, virginia commonwealth gets defensive with florida state. richmond, not intimidated by the kansas jayhawks. plus, what the arizona wildcats did to knock out the national
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more than 70 people are dead after a powerful earthquake hit one of the poorest countries in asia. last night the quake hit myanmar and measured 6.8. the quake was felt hundreds of miles away in bangkok. more than 100 people were hurt, hundreds of homes and businesses damaged. president obama is expected to address the nation to justify the u.s. intervention in libya.
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but there's still no word on when that address could happen. meanwhile, there are still some questions about the military coalition and nato's role in this conflict. steve handelsman has more on the battle in washington and overseas. >> reporter: western war planes kept pounding moammar gadhafi's forces. here, a british smart bomb hits a gadhafi tank. it's a u.s.-led effort to help the rebels in eastern libya who were stalled in the sand. nato has agreed to command the know no-fly zone, but who will run the air attack on gadhafi's ground forces remains undetermined. >> it could fall under nato. >> there are discussions it could be nato, that's a political discussion, ongoing. we'll see. >> reporter: in any case, u.s. forces would have the major role just to lower public profile. >> remember the scene in the wizard of oz when you pull away the curtain and there's the wizard working all of the machines, and still making things work? that's exactly what's going to happen here. >> reporter: president obama called congressional leaders,
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many upset about libya, leading democratic senator jay rockefeller said, i want to avoid getting into another conflict with unknown costs and consequences. the white house said the president had to get into libya before congress could debate. >> i think there's very little doubt that benefghazi would hav fallen. he feels strongly he made the right decision. >> reporter: meanwhile, a massive protest today in syria, a nation next to israel, an american ally. and in jordan today, the most violent demonstration so far. another nation that borders israel. critical mid east states in turmoil with u.s. forces in action far to the west. and it looks like no quick exit. nato officials say they're planning for a three-month operation over libya. i'm steve handelsman, news4. this year marks the 150th anniversary of the medal of honor. this nation's highest award for
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military valor. at the pentagon today, a formal ceremony honored 30 medal of honor recipients. chiefs of staff chairmen saluted their courage and sacrifice, and acknowledged those who gave their lives in defense of our country. the medal of honor was established by president abraham lincoln. he signed it into law back in 1861. there was a special tribute today to honor the late secretary of commerce, ron brown. 14th street between constitution and pennsylvania avenues now is also known as ron brown way. dozens of family members, friends and government officials attended the renaming ceremony. they included brown's son, michael, who is a member of the d.c. council now. the honor comes nearly 15 years after ron brown died in a plane crash in croatia. still ahead, a mother reunited with her children after they were kidnapped at gunpoint.
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where is the suspect now? a new drug treatment for skin cancer that could help patients live longer. and it's spring, but we're talking snow this weekend. veronica returns. ♪
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so you can make the choice that's right for you. ♪ in it news4 your health tonight, the government has approved a new cancer drug for patients with the deadliest form
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of skin cancer. the injectable drug was approved sold under the name uyvor. studies showed patients lived an average of four months longer than those taking other drugs. it works by using the body's immune system to fight off the cancer rather than bringing in outside chemicals like chemotherapy. thousands of gallons of rushing water took over the streets in california. this happened yesterday afternoon when a storm drain pipe ruptured and it did considerable amount of damage. businesses, homes, even the local police station were flooded. price tag for all of the damage is said to be in the millions of dollars. roads have since reopened in that area, but it will be several days before things get back to normal there. and suddenly, a couple of inches of snow doesn't look so bad. >> no, it doesn't. >> we could be dealing with that. >> right. well, around here, though, yeah, we're dealing with snow, and looking for a coat, right? who knows where they are.
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we shoved them into the closet, a couple of weeks back. we hit 80 degrees this month and now it's a coat for us we need and a coat for our plants, too. it's been plenty cold. let's me take you to california, where they have, indeed, more than just several inches, more than just one or two, what we're expecting around here. this is dutch flat, california. and in fact, the system that dumped this, part of that system is going to be heading this way. dutch flat, heavy snow, high winds, blizzard conditions out there. part of i-80. and also was closed because they had avalanches going on. and some of the truck stops filled up pretty fast, but the ski resorts, at least, are loving it. around here, some snow for us, and that snow will start, i think, after midnight saturday. currently, we have high clouds, our temperature today, the high was 49 degrees, we started out right at the freezing mark, but for the weekend, saturday night, and sunday night, temperatures will be dropping down below freeze. on this date back in 1990, to 16 inches of snow, and the latest
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measurable snow around here, april the 28th. but that was way back in 1898, we picked up a half inch of snow, so indeed, this is very rare to be getting snow so late, and probably one of the reasons why so many of my friends and colleagues around here keep asking me, are you sure this is going to happen? are you kidding me? what is going on? 44, the temperature right now. the wind, out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour. look at some of the other locations, already 39 in hagerstown, not too far away in fredricksburg, 52 degrees. so that colder air trying to come into the area. look at the visible satellite loop. the clouds already have arrived. making their way, even into areas of southern maryland and around the northern neck. and the precipitation, too, where for us here during the evening, with this little disturbance that's going to pass counsel down to the south will come in the form of a flurry or maybe a sprinkle. not a big deal at all this system. there you can see down to the south, knoxville, tennessee. getting a few rain showers right now. it's quiet in the nation's mid
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section. and then the snow coming through the rockies, that will be a system that hits the plains and then eventually a system that comes east, and that's what we're talking about for saturday night, and for much of the day on sunday. so it's going to zip on through. we've got cold air that's just up to the north. look at chicago at 32 degrees. and in the 30s, too, ohio, and over into missouri, where it's right now 39 and 36 degrees. still plenty warm, though, down south. i wish i was right there, miami at 82 degrees right now. dallas, not too bad either at 84 degrees. so let me take you through the next 48 hours. show you one system, this is the one that's going to give us maybe a flurry or a sprinkle. it will pass to our south. and then with this next system coming in, you see all that white going up into pennsylvania? that's the snow for saturday night and for sunday. so it really is going to graze areas of pittsburgh, it will graze philadelphia as it makes its way eastward. probably the snow will stay around roanoke area, and right to the north, i think, of richmond, virginia as the low pressure moves on. let's take a look at it in
6:25 pm
detail. saturday, we're fine. there's 7:00 p.m. now, watch what happens 2:00 a.m. sunday. the white, that's the snow. so between 2 and about 4:00 a.m., it develops over the area. i think it will probably be going its best between 9:00 a.m. and about 2:00 p.m. tomorrow and then zip, out of here. so a quick shot of snow. with 1 to 2 inches throughout the area. we'll take a look at that snowfall amount again coming up in a few minutes. but 1 to 2 inches expected here, mainly on the grass and on the ground. some higher amounts west around the shenandoah valley, around rappahannock county could get more. 38 to 45 degrees for the evening. a look at your morning, it's going to be cold. below freezing, clouds around the area. tomorrow, just plain old dry. if you want to do anything outside, like maybe bringing those plants in that you've already put outside, tomorrow definitely the day. 42 to 48 degrees. and then sunday, i keep the temperatures in the 30s. system some locations may not get above freezing. but again, 1 or 2 inches expected around the area on the grass and ground. road temperatures fine, even i
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think as we go into monday morning. some sunshine for monday, but still this weekend and much of next week, cold like february, like january. no fun. >> we can handle it. >> thanks, wendy. coming up, the officers who took down a bank robbery suspect say they will never forget what one hostage told them moments after she was rescued. >> yes or no! yes or no! >> some people in d.c. want answers about services that could be on the -- could be cut from the d.c. budget. a major road is falling apart, and there's a new effort to fix it, but it's going to shut down a commuter route in virginia. the mega millions jackpot still growing. coming up in sports, why the capitals could use two goaltenders in the playoffs. in college basketball, the butler does it again. plus, the vcu rams. know they will have to use their defense to spark their offense against florida state.
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there might be a breach at one of the damaged nuclear plants in japan. that's raising fears that even more radioactive material is being released into the plant and the environment. the evacuation zone has been
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expanded. nato has agreed to take over control of enforcing the no-fly zone over libya. and president barack obama is scheduled to address the nation about this ongoing crisis on monday. it's going to be a cold start to the cherry blossom festival and the marathon on saturday. it will feel more like december than march. there's snow in the forecast for sunday. for the first time, we're hearing from the three takoma park police officers who opened fire on a bank robber who took a hostage during his escape attempt in january. >> yesterday the three men were cleared of wrongdoing in the deadly shooting. and today was their first day back on the job. they talked to our reporter, darcy spencer. she was obviously distraught, as she was, you know, hysterical. she was crying, and her pleas, i can still hear them every day, saying please don't let me die. >> reporter: takoma park police lieutenant says he'll never forget what happened here on january 28th. he was the first officer to
6:31 pm
shoot a bank robbery suspect who took a teller hostage at the capital one bank. >> and as soon as i saw him raise his weapon towards the back of her head, that's when i fired my first shot. >> reporter: police say carlos rudolpho strapped on a fake bomb, robbed the bank at the hampshire langely shopping center and dragged his hostage at gunpoint. the entire incident caught on camera by chopper 4. >> he was a determined man that day. and he had had other options and giving up wasn't one of his options. >> reporter: colleen was standing near the suspect as he walked with the hostage. >> i could see the fear in her eyes, i could see her crying, just asking us, you know, please, please, i don't want to die. i don't want to die. >> reporter: he says he tried to negotiate with the robber the entire time. what did you say? >> you know, drop the weapon. give up. release the hostage. and i said, come on, you don't want to do this. >> reporter: police were waiting for the suspect to make a mistake and it happened.
6:32 pm
he slipped on a patch of ice. the hostage broke free and ran. several officers fired. >> i knew the shots were going to land where they needed to land and subsequently, he was taken down. >> sources say the suspect was shot more than a dozen times by multiple officers. in fact, we may never know which shot took his life. the dye pack tucked into the money bag had exploded. some got on the victim. he wanted to make sure the red he saw wasn't blood. >> so i asked her again, did you get shot? and she said no, he was trying to kill me. he was choking me, i couldn't breathe. >> reporter: officer david quanta also fired at the suspect that day. >> i didn't know what was going through his head, there was no where for him to go, why he didn't he just drop the gun and give up? he went to the grave with that. nobody knows why he did what he did. >> reporter: corporal thomas black was the third takoma park officer who fired on the
6:33 pm
suspect. all of them have been cleared of any wrongdoing in the shooting. >> i don't really have a problem with what i had to do. it's unfortunate that something like that had to happen. but, you know, it's part of the job. >> reporter: all three officers are now back on duty. but still wondering, why the suspect did what he did. >> he had a job, he had a family, he had a place to live. what set him off that day? i have no clue. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. >> the victim in that hostage-taking ordeal is still traumatized, and she is not yet returned to work. two kidnapped children are safe with their mother. 2-year-old robert anderson and his 10-month-old sister tiara anderson were found around 4:00 this morning at an apartment building in northeast d.c. d.c. police say their father took them around 8:00 last night at gunpoint. robert anderson ii has been charged with making threats and kidnapping while armed.
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prince george's county council woman leslie johnson was officially charged today for allegedly destroying a $100,000 check, as the fbi was knocking on her door late last year. she is charged with conspiracy to commit witness and evidence tampering. the charges stem from the corruption investigation into her husband, former county executive jack johnson. prosecutors say leslie johnson destroyed a check from a developer, and hid tens of thousands of dollars in her bra. if convicted, she faces up to 20 years in prison. dozens of demonstrators gathered at the district building today, chanting and cheering in protests to looming budget cuts. tom sherwood has our report. we want the mayor! >> reporter: even as dozens of activists crowded into the district government headquarters friday, hoping to head off serious budget cuts next week, city administrator allen lou was saying significant budget cuts are coming. >> can you give us any guidance
6:35 pm
of how tough those cuts are going to be? >> the goal would be to deliver the services and maintain a standard of excellence. >> save our safety net! >> reporter: the sos group, safety our safety net, had wanted to see mayor vincent gray, who has warned of looming budget cuts. they carried food to warn of the most needy citizens needing help surviving in tough economic times. >> and that's all we're asking, a small percentage raise on high-income earners that will protect these programs. i don't know whey the mayor doesn't make a commitment to do that. >> reporter: although the mayor wasn't there, eric gulay came into the hallway to engage demonstrators. they want tax increases on higher income earners rather than the budget cuts. >> we want a city that continues to be diverse and where lower income people are able to stay here. >> and so it's time for this mayor to step up, because he's a strong mayor, and he's a good mayor in a great city, that he could sit there, he could come out, and say we do need to raise
6:36 pm
the tax on this -- taxes on the super wealthy. >> reporter: nearly a dozen police officers stood by during the friday afternoon protests, but there were no serious incidents or arrests of the demonstrators. mayor gray has recently indicated that he is shying away from significant income tax increases, saying the city is trying to build its economic base to help all residents. tom sherwood, news4, washington. the mayor's budget goes to the d.c. council on april 1st. in alexandria, virginia, the city council has proposed to continue funding an archeological site that has discovered dozens of unmarked graves. it's in ft. ward park. those graves are those of freed slaves who settled in that area just as the civil war ended. in the 1960s, descendents of the original settlers were relocated so their current park could be built. recently, though, some of the marked graves were damaged by government vehicles. that prompted a study, which
6:37 pm
discovered dozens of other unmarked graves. if approved, the new $75,000 funding would ensure that the other graves are also identified. crews are getting ready to close sections of a major highway in virginia in order to give drivers a smoother ride, they hope. the virginia department of transportation will repave the stretch of interstate 66 between route 50 and the beltway. that work begins on monday, april 4th. some of the eastbound lanes will be closed while workers resurface the road. the that road has become pretty beaten up over the years. beginning on april 18th, sections of i-66 will be completely shut down overnight. until the work wraps up in the fall of 2012. still ahead, americans are donating money to help with relief efforts in japan. we'll find out the best way to know where your money is going. a mother says her baby was getting so big, she finally put
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o i don't want it. you probably don't want it. but it's coming. and it's coming saturday night. a little bit of light snow for the area. let's take a look at what's going on here. overnight, first. a few sprinkles for us, maybe a flurry or two until about 11:00 p.m., and tomorrow morning, partly sunny, but a cold start for us, below freezing everywhere. 28 in fauquier county, prince william, too. green belt, the overnight temp, 29 degrees. 24 tomorrow inside the beltway. 47 in fredricksburg. but snow, between 1 and 2 inches saturday night for some of you who sleep late, snowing lightly by the time you wake up sunday. 3 inches in the higher spots out to the west. but not a big deal, just accumulating on the grass and on the ground. and that's about it. but cold for sure. back to you guys. >> thanks, veronica. if somebody hits the mega millions jackpot tonight, they are going to be about $312
6:42 pm
million richer. the state of maryland could do well, too. the prize is now up to $312 million as noted, and the maryland lottery wants a local winner so badly they have already drawn up a ceremonial check. the enthusiasm is sealed by the prospect of collecting taxes on the jackpot, which would contribute a state budget that's in trouble. >> this is the sixth largest in the history of the game. and would be the biggest jackpot in the state of maryland. the biggest one we ever had was $183 million. several years ago. so this would be it. >> mega millions is also played in the district and in virginia. tonight's drawing is at 11:00. who keep. we assume that if you're not here tomorrow, we'll know why. but in the meantime, tell us what's happening today. >> well, duke did not hit the lottery. they're not winning. there will not be a repeat champion. plus, vcu tries to become elite. and as the playoffs approach in the national hockey league, the
6:43 pm
capitals trying to settle the goaltending dilemma.
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6:45 pm
you know, this is another kind of sort of lottery kind of thing working out there for people in virginia. particularly in richmond. >> oh, yeah. >> that it wouldn't give them any money, but suppose, just suppose that both those guys won. virginia commonwealth and richmond. >> that would be phenomenal. i would love that. i think the city of richmond would go crazy and then all of the vcu and richmond alum and
6:46 pm
the grads, it would be chaos. it's game day for virginia comm comm commonwealth and vcu plays tonight in san antonio for a spot in the elite eight. when florida state's head coach was asked about being a favorite he said, quote, we are? vcu against fsu is a toss up, two of the best teams in the country. and florida state has allowed opponents to shoot just 36% from the field. that's the lowest percentage in the nation. the semnals are in the sweet 16 after defeating texas a&m and notre dame. as for virginia common wealth, they hold opponents to 43% from the field. the rams beat usc, georgetown and purdue and know tonight they have their hands full with florida state. >> someone said the best defensive basketball team in the college game in the last ten years. so we've got a formidable task
6:47 pm
on our hands. in florida state. extremely well coached. they've got great players, their guys are bought in. they're not worried about numbers. and they're playing better and better on the offensive end. so all that adds up to mean that we've got a heck of a challenge on our hands. >> starting on defensive end with stops and getting out and going. so now we're going to do what we do, and attack them. you know, we put in our heels, it's to our advantage because they're long and strong. so it's going to be a fun game. >> alrighty virginia commonwealth and florida state set it tip off at 10:00. the earlier game features the darling, number 12 seed richmond spiders. richmond taking on number one seed kansas. they defeated vanderbilt and moorhead state. the jayhawks lost only two all season. but upset is possible, folks. richmond coach chris mooney, what do you think? >> kansas is a storied program, you know, an incredible program,
6:48 pm
with great tradition. i think we're all aware of that. and, you know, there's no sense in hiding from that or pretending it doesn't exist. you know, trying to as much as possible do the things that we have done throughout the last -- throughout the last seeds and the last four years and try to keep as much of a -- try to keep our program as much the same as possible. >> it's not about the seeds, it's about players, matchups, and richmond obviously has good players -- everybody left has good players, but richmond has very good players. nba prospects. but our guys will not look at richmond as being a high-seeded team. our guys will look at richmond as a team that's probably misseeded and certainly capable of beating anybody in the field. >> that was jayhawks coach bill self. it's researchmond against kansas tonight at 7:30. more college basketball. but not for duke. the number-one seed blue devils are done, and jim vance, i know you are pleased by this. you have this three-letter acronym for it. i love it. >> barbara harrison's husband,
6:49 pm
abd. and, you know, did you hear the thing on the radio today? talking about why does everybody in d.c. hate duke? because we don't hate the players. we love grand hill, but abd. so there you go. >> maryland. >> i'm getting nailed now. >> the rivalry, maryland-duke. >> it's more than that. >> you want to know why it's more than that? because they're like the yankees. and they always win, they are always at the top. >> that could be it. >> that's one of the reasons. but you respect the yankees, you respect duke. >> you have to, because it's a great program. >> they are talented. last night, fifth seeded arizona upset scoring 55 second half points. an arizona coach, sean miller and his star player derrick williams looking sharp. first half, wildcats with the ball. jordan mays for arizona drives. no good, but check out williams. oh, my. one-handed follow. that was nice. end of the half, duke leads by seven. the blue devils playing well here. block a shot, irving leading the
6:50 pm
break here to mason on the alleyoop, nice. duke up 44-38 at halftime. coach k., intense. second half, all arizona. derrick williams drives, and well, this is just ridiculous, too. gets up, big-time. monster dunk. arizona again, i'll say it. 55 points in the second half. they scored. the wildcats knock out duke, 97-77. arizona will play connecticut in the elite eight. in wisconsin, the bulldogs, second half. butler wearing blue, up 42-27. sean van zant, kicks it out to matt howard for three. butler led by as many as 20 at one point. but wisconsin comes back. under two minutes to play. jordan taylor. knocks down a three-pointer. badgers cut the deficit to four. part of a 17-6 run. here we go. one minute to play now. bulldogs with it.
6:51 pm
sheldon mac gets the ball, drives, step back, he's a play maker. butler beats wisconsin, 61-5 4. the bulldogs will play florida in the next round. hometown hockey now. coach bruce boudreau told reporter in ottawa today he expects alex ovechkin and jason arrest not to practice monday. arnott is out with a lower body injury. when the playoffs start, boudreau says there say possibility they will use both goaltenders. probably a good thing. he has been out with a knee injury, now 100% healthy. the one thing going for var lomov is expected to start tomorrow against montreal. tonight in ottawa, michael noyvert. for now, the starting job in the postseason is up for grabs. >> i proved i can play pressure
6:52 pm
games. and, you know, who knows what happens, but i will be ready if i am going to get the job. >> we feel comfortable with whichever goal we have in net. we have all done a great job this year. and i definitely wouldn't want to be the goalie coach to make that decision. >> in the end, i won't make the decision. they'll make the decision. so i mean, that's -- by their play. and nine games left. and, you know, it's probably going to be a 5-3 or a 4-4. equalization. and i think they're both very good young goalies, and either one that we put in succeeds or has done well. so i'm not really worried as much as everybody else in the world is. or my little world, anyway. about who is going to be our starting goalie for the playoffs. >> alrighty. caps sit two points behind philadelphia for first place in the eastern conference. and one final note. fairfax native steve marino tied for fourth at six under after
6:53 pm
two rounds at the arnold palmer invitational in orlando hoping to get his first pga tour win. pretty cool. >> we're wuling for him. thanks. >> still ahead, the best way to smak sure your donations are going to the relief efforts in japan. we invite you to follow news4 online. search nbcwashington on facebook
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
it's been two weeks since the earthquake and tsunami shattered japan. residents are struggling to rebuild their lives, but americans are coming together to help strangers. the >> reporter: a massive and devastating earthquake struck japan and led to an outpouring of american aid. americans like la toya henry are doing their part to raise awareness and funds for those displaced and in danger. >> we have to help. people are dying, people are suffering, people are homeless. and it can be any one of us. >> reporter: when natural disaster strikes, americans have been very generous. they have donated billions in the years following the 2004 tsunami in southeast airborsia $1.5 billion to haiti. since the earthquake and tsunami happened in japan, americans have donated more than $64 million. for those who would like to help
6:57 pm
the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami in japan, experts say it is important to know where your dollars are going. >> i think the best thing to do to address that is to really work with those charities that do have those deep connections in a community. >> reporter: walter sweet works for a major nonprofit in new york city, which helps manage and advise more than 200el million in annual giving. he says donors should not give to charities not on the ground helping with the relief efforts. >> do give to charities that are on the ground and can make a difference in the short-term. those would be the same charities that most likely will be the ones that can help with the longer-term rebuilding that will also be so important to the communities. >> reporter: sweet identifies organizations like the red cross as being in the best position to deliver help. and for americans like la toya henry, in addition to cash donations, raising awareness online is also a way to do the right thing. todd johnson, >> more coverage of the disaster
6:58 pm
in japan coming up next on "nbc nightly news," including a look at one fishing village there. let's get a check of the final. veronica? >> we're in the snow, right? yeah, well, there could be a flurry tonight coming through the area. but the big snow that we're talking about for the weekend, not really a big snow, but we could get a trace of maybe 2 inches of snow saturday night and sunday. as far as tomorrow morning goes, below freezing. 30 to 28 degrees. and then tomorrow's high temperature, 44. so we get a little bit of sun tomorrow and then a little bit of snow on sunday. here's a look at the map. trace amounts north and east of d.c. around an inch to d.c. slightly higher amounts down around stafford county, around culpepper, rappahannock county, as much as 3 inches. 34 on saturday, it will be the better day out of the weekend, because we are going to be awfully cold on sunday. at least we're not going to have the wind to deal with on sunday. so that will help those blossoms. but cold air for us going right into the first part of next week. we could see highs in the low 50s with breezy conditions on
6:59 pm
wednesday. >> thanks, veronica. there's a family in iowa that's celebrating a new addition to their family. and what an addition it is. caitlyn marie weighed 13 pounds, 4 ounces when she came into this world last month. >> yikes. >> that is a record for the medical center where she was delivered in waterloo. she came two weeks early. >> ooh. >> caitlyn's mother, we're told, posted an eviction sign on her growing belly when the doctors told her how big that child would be. caitlyn was born by way of c-section. but she is not the only big baby in the family. consider this now. her older brother and sister weighing more than 9 pounds each at birth. we have a crack investigative unit on our way out there to figure out whether that woman should get a medal or just a rest. give her a break. >> that baby came out already at 3 months of age. >> oh, my goodness
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